Q Ginger Beer

Classic Cocktails

The classics are classic for a reason.

Dark ‘n Stormy

Supposedly invented by members of Bermuda’s Royal Naval Officer’s Club when they added a splash of the local rum to their spicy homemade ginger beer. They described its ominous hue as “the color of a cloud only a fool or a dead man would sail under”

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add the rum and lime juice and shake well. Pour the Q Ginger Beer into an ice-filled collins glass and then top with the shaken rum. Garnish with a candied ginger slice and a lime wedge. Try to balance the lime wedge on the candied ginger like a sinking ship. It gets easier on the third drink.

The Brighton Beach Mule

Vodka was still relatively unknown outside Russia and Central Europe in the years following World War II. A man named John Martin had recently purchased the Smirnoff name and recipe for his American spirits company, and he was out to promote his new product. As the story goes, Martin stopped off for dinner and drinks at the Cock ’n’ Bull on Sunset Strip in LA, where his friend, owner Jack Morgan, was struggling to sell his homemade ginger beer. Add to the mix another friend who had inherited a large collection of copper mugs—and shake with a massive dose of publicity and a wedge of lime—and you have the Moscow Mule. We call ours the Brighton Beach mule because we’re from Brooklyn.

Fill tall glass with ice – if you want to get extra fancy, use a copper mug. Add vodka and squeeze the lime over it. Drop the lime in the glass and add the Q Ginger Beer. Stir to mix.

Gin Gin Mule

A milestone drink of the 21st-century cocktail renaissance invented by Audrey Sanders at the Pegu Club

Place mint leaves in a shaker and gently muddle with the lime juice and gin. Fill with ice and shake well. Strain into an ice-filled collins glass and top with Q Ginger Beer. Garnish with lime wedge and mint sprig.

El Diablo

The devil made it. We like it.

Combine all ingredients, except Q Ginger Beer, in shaker with ice. Shake. Fine-strain into an ice-filled Collins glass, top with Q Ginger Beer and garnish with blackberries.

The Mamie Taylor

Invented in 1899 for Mamie Taylor, the prima donna of an opera company

In a tall glass filled with ice squeeze half a lime then add Scotch. Top with Q Ginger Beer and garnish with a lime wedge.